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맛과 즐거움이 있는곳

Located in the hub of Korean culture, Insa-dong, Doodaemunjip has been serving Korean fusion cuisine for the past 10 years.
The restaurant takes form of a traditional hanok decorated with a modern touch, blending Asian and western-style design to create an exquisite atmosphere favored by both Koreans and international visitors. Doodaemunjip is the only building in Insa-dong that has an indoor garden and a terrace full of fresh living plants, presenting peaceful atmosphere rarely found in the urban city.

Signature menus include maekjeokgui ssambap (pork with Korean herbs served with vegetable wraps and rice) and Doodaemun haemul onbap (seafood rice) along with other specialty menus such as soy-marinated bossam (vegetable wraps with rice), soy-marinated crab, haemul pajeon (seafood and green onion pancake), etc.
In particular, maekjeokgui (pork with Korean herbs) is seasoned with soybean paste made with traditional Korean recipe, bringing out deep flavors when consumed with vegetable wrapped rice. Traditional Korean alcoholic beverages such as bamboo liquor and bokbunjaju (Korean black raspberry wine) are also available.